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Ninobotics: Exclusive European Orion Star Distributor 

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Perfect guidance with excellent navigation and accessible from anywhere

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Provides stable and accurate service at both fast and slow speed

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Attracts customers by diversified promotion possibilities

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No technical experiences required, just plug and play

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Flexible financing options available: sale, lease rental.

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Flexible Multi-Tray design:

Maximum 40kg capacity in total,

Up to 10kg per tray,

Adjustable tray heights,

Easy loading and pickup.

Automated navigation


LIDAR navigation and mapping,

Autonomous route optimization,

Effective obstacle avoidance,

Stable trays during navigation.

Clear communication

High-definition camera,

6 omnidirectional microphones,

High precision touch screen interaction,

360° speaker positioning.

Lucki bot

Mini bot

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We are Ninobotics

Exclusive Orion Star distributor of service and hospitality robots located in the Netherlands.

An advanced AI robot designed by Orion Star, Lucki bot is exceptional in the service- and hospitality industry. It can serve food, guide customers and navigate accurately through the area. Featuring an innovative design with smart voice responses and multilingual interactions, Lucki provides users with an extraordinary robot experience.


Mini bot is a smart AI robot who is able to meet & greet customers and is able to kindly guide them to the designated point of interest. 

Due to LIDAR mapping and navigation, Mini is able to execute all orders efficiently and safely. 


Our robots save labour costs, increases serving efficiency and improves the overall service level of your business. The set-up process of our robots is quick & easy quick & easy, no technical skills are required, just plug & play! 


We offer flexible financing possibilities, such as sale, lease or short-time rental. Please contact us for business enquiries.

Our partners

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.