Ninobotics introduces the flexible robot subscription. 

With our all-inclusive service, we take care of everything related to service robots. Your subscription includes a consultation, robot exchange, customer service, periodic maintenance, coverage for wear and tear, warranty, returns and offboarding. 

Always a working service robot for a fixed amount per month! 

Monthly: Pay an amount per month and have your own service robot for as long as you want.

Fixed term: Pay a monthly fee and have your own service robot for the fixed term.


Why Ninobotics Robot as a Service?

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Saving costs

The acquisition, correct installation and maintenance of robots quickly generate high expenses.


More focus on the guests

We take care of all technical tasks related to service robots. 


Increased employee satisfaction

Robots take over heavy and dirty tasks so that staff can concentrate on providing service.

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Wij bieden u service robots die met hun prestaties een goede gebruikerservaring beloven.
Al meer dan 50 nationale en internationale bedrijven vertrouwen op Ninobotics. Onze service robots tonen aan hoe Robot as a Service restaurants en hotels helpt en hoe uw bedrijf van onze service kan profiteren.
Garantie: De robot heeft garantie gedurende de gehele abonnementsperiode.
  • Flexible subscription - 2 months notice period 
    • Delivery & installation costs: €900 
    • Installment fee: €900,- per month
  • Fixed term of 24 months - no notice period 

    • No delivery or installation costs

    • Instalment fee: 24x €900,- per month

  • Fixed term of 12 months - no notice period  

    • Delivery & installation costs: €800  

    • Term payment: 12x €900 per month